Current Selections

Double Crossed by Ali Vali
Lunar Eclipse by Gun Brooke

Past Selections


The Noble and the Nightingale by Barbara Ann Wright


Double Crossed by Ali Vali
Lunar Eclipse by Gun Brooke


Not Your Average Love Spell by Barbara Ann Wright
The Lucky Ones by KG MacGregor
Hidden Room by C.S. Joseph & Kathleen Greyson
Passing Strange by Ellen Klages
Cause of Death by Sheri Wohl
Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden
Beyond the Quest by Natalie Debrabandere
Deadeye by Meredith Doench
An Intimate Deception by CJ Birch
Alone by E.J. Noyes
Across the Dark Horizon by Tagan Shepard
Compass Rose by Anna Burke
The House by Eden Darry
Addicted to You by Erin O’ Reilly
Listen by Kris Bryant
At Last by JM Dragon
Spencer’s Cove by Missouri Vaun
Answering the Call by Ali Vali
Duece by Jen Silver
Second in Command by VK Powell
Sandman by Tammy Bird
The Rise of the Resistance by Jackie D
As the Crow Flies by Karen F. Williams

Muraille Island by Mavis Applewater
Racing Hearts by Dena Blake
The Book Addict by Annette Mori
Secrets of the Last Castle by A. Rose Mathieu
The Tattered Lands by Barbara Ann Wright
Love Spell by Karen Williams
Gnarled Hollow by Charlotte Greene
Lethal Care by Claire McNab, with Katherine Forrest
Captive by Donna Ford
Take A Chance by D. Jackson Leigh
Rebellion in Ulster by Angela Koenig
The Tempest by JM Dragon
Wayworn Lovers by Gun Brooke
Breakthrough by Kris Bryant
The Smell of Rain by Cameron MacElvee
Mercy is a thriller by Michelle Larkin
Dangerous Waters by Radclyffe
Kai’s Heart by Renee MacKenzie
Unchained Memories by Dena Blake
Diamond Dreams by Ali Spooner
The Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O’Reilly
King of Thieves by Shea Godfrey
Set the Stage by Karis Walsh
Nantucket Rose by CF Frizzell

Necromantia—Sheri Lewis Wohl
By the Dark of her Eyes—Cameron MacElvee
Next Time—Erin O’Reilly
Secret of Stone Creek—Natalie London
Widows of the Sun-Moon—Barbara Ann Wright
The Caphenon—Fletcher DeLancey
Amounting to Nothing—Karis Walsh
Breaking the Silence—JM Dragon
Counting to Zero—AJ Quinn
Unknown Horizons—CJ Birch
I Will Meet You There—S. M. Harding
Forsaken Trust—Meredith Doench
Secret Hearts—Radclyffe
Last of the Loudens—Robin Alexander
The Shewstone—Jane Fletcher
A Quiet Death—Cari Hunter
Spark—Catherine Friend
House of Fate—Barbara Ann Wright
A Date To Die by Anne McLaughlin
Playing With Matches by Lacey Schmidt
Sidebar by Carsen Taite
The Impasse by Franci McMahon
The Scholarship by Jamie Maddox
Death Is Only the Beginning by Julie Dragon

Officer Down—Erin Dutton
Illicit Artifacts—Stevie Mikayne
Forsaken—Laydin Michaels
The Trip—Robin Alexander
Spirit of the Dance—Mardi Alexander
Prescription for Love—Radclyffe
Tarnished Gold—Ann Aptaker
Search for the White Moon—Natalie London
Countdown—Julie Cannon
The Copper Egg—Catherine Friend
The Case of the Beggars’ Coppice—Erica Lawson
Beneath the Waves—Ali Vali
Paladins of the Storm Lord—Barbara Ann Wright
Cold to the Touch—Cari Hunter
Starting Over—Jen Silver
Locked Inside—Annette Mori
Just Enough Light—AJ Quinn
Catch to Release—Lacey Schmidt
Above the Law—Carsen Taite
Demonology for Beginners—Melanie McGowan
Alaskan Bride—D. Jordan Redhawk
Coils—Barbara Ann Wright
Basic Training of the Heart—Jaycie Morrison

Daughter of Mystery—Heather Rose Jones
Twisted Echoes—Sheri Lewis Wohl
If I Were a Boy—Erin O’Reilly
The Fiend Queen—Barbara Ann Wright
A Walk Away—Lacey Schmidt
T-Minus Two—KG MacGregor
No Good Reason—Cari Hunter
Return to Me—Erin O’Reilly
All Things Rise—Missouri Vaun
The Presence—Charlene Neil
The Price of Honor—Radclyffe
Sugarland—Ali Spooner
Bright Lights of Summer—Lynn Ames
Asset Management—Annette Mori
23 Miles—Renee McKenzie
Crossed—Meredith Doench

Shadow Rock—Alex Nichols
High Desert—Katherine V. Forrest
Beloved Gomorrah—Justine Saracen
Miserere—Caren J. Werlinger
The Performance—Ellys Phox
The Awakening—Yvonne Heidt
The Quickening—Yvonne Heidt
The Midas Conspiracy—Jennifer McCormick
Under the Midnight Cloak—S.Y. Thompson
Clean Slate—Andrea Bramhall
Windigo Thrall—Cate Culpepper
About Face—VK Powell
Taking Fire—Radclyffe
Courtship—Carsen Taite

The Curiosity of Dr. Blake—Louise K. Rice
The Storm—Shelley Thrasher
Pyramid Waltz—Barbara Ann Wright
Keepers of the Cave—Gerri Hill
Talk Me Down from the Edge—Jade Winters
Ghost Trio—Lillian Q. Irwin
The Sound of Silence—Stacy Reynolds
Runaway—Anne Laughlin
Life’s Little Edge—Roselle Graskey
The Devil’s Orchard—Ali Vali
Shadows of Something So Real—Sophia Kell Hagin
Healing Hearts—Donna K. Ford
The Rarest Rose—I. Beacham
War Games—K. S. Augustin
Show of Force—AJ Quinn

Brave Lives—Dianne Bayley
Call Me Softly—D. Jackson Leigh
Talking to Trees—Joanna MacOwl
Waiting in the Wings—Melissa Brayden
Scapegoat—Amy Dawson Robertson
Jericho—Ann McMan
Frozen Echo—Linda Kay Silva
Survived by Her Longtime Companion—Chris Paynter
Awake Unto Me—Kathleen Knowles
After the Fall—Robin Summers
Serial Justice—Tammy Whaley
For Me and My Gal—Robbi McCoy
Pennance—Clare Ashton
Slingshot—Carsen Taite
Open Water—Pol Robinson
Circus—JM Dragon
The Warrior’s Path (When Women Were Warriors #1)—Catherine M. Wilson
Oath of Honor—Radclyffe
Sometime Yesterday—Yvonne Heidt
Jacob’s War—C.P. Rowlands
Tighter, Tighter—Lynn Kear

Addison Black and the Eye of Bastet—M.J. Walker
Whatever Gods May Be—Sophia Kell Hagin
River Walker—Cate Culpepper
30 Days Hath September—Jamie Scarratt
Sarah, Son of God—Justine Saracen
Maye’s Request—Clifford Henderson
Appalachian Justice—Melinda Clayton
Shadow Point—Amy Briant
The Door at the Top of the Stairs—Alison Naomi Holt
The Salbine Sisters—Sarah Ettritch
Parties in Congress—Colette Moody
Love Valley—Frances Richter
Eyes on the Stars—Lynn Ames
Rip Van Dyke—Kate McLachlan
Damaged in Service—Barrett
Before I Died—Sara Marx
Fearless—Erin O’Reilly
Hidden Truths—Jae
The Queen’s Companion—Maggi A. Petton
Sheltering Dunes—Radclyffe

Backwards to Oregon—Jae
Magic of the Heart—C.J. Harte
Lesser Prophets—Kelly Sinclair
Two Weeks in August—Nat Burns
Veritas—Anne Laughlin
Miles to Go—Amy Dawson Robertson
The Color of Dust—Claire Rooney
Truths—Rebecca S. Buck
Collision Course—C.P. Rowlands
Nightshade—Shea Godfrey
Wind and Bones—Kristin Marra
Cognate—Cleo Dare
Mephisto Aria—Justine Saracen
Photographs of Claudia—KG MacGregor
Tempus Fugit—Mavis Applewater
The Grass Widow—Nanci Little
Witch Wolf—Winter Pennington
More than an Echo—Linda Kay Silva
Falling into Fate—JM Dragon
Trauma Alert—Radclyffe

Deception—Erin O’Reilly
The Sea Hawk—Brenda Adcock
Midnight Melodies—Megan Carter
Fireside—Cate Culpepper
Adijan and Her Genie—L-J Baker
The Middle of Somewhere—Clifford Henderson
Blue Skies—Ali Vali
Land of Entrapment—Andi Marquette
Playing for First—Chris Paynter
Secrets in the Stone—Radclyffe
Whispering Pines—Mavis Applewater
Anticipation—Terri Breneman
Trails Merge—Rachel Spangler

The Face of the Enemy—Sandra Barret
Winds of Fortune—Radclyffe
The Crown of Valencia—Catherine Friend
To Protect and Serve—VK Powell
Fully Involved—Erin Dutton
In the Name of the Father—Gerri Hill
Branded Ann—Merry Shannon
Deal with the Devil—Ali Vali
Secrets So Deep—KG MacGregor
And Playing the Role of Herself—K.E. Lane
Residual Moon—Kate Sweeney
Miss McGhee—Bett Norris
Love’s Redemption—Helen Macpherson

The Devil Unleashed—Ali Vali
The Sleep of Reason—Rose Beecham
Lady Knight—L-J Baker
Rebel’s Quest—Gun Brooke
Sword of the Guardian—Merry Shannon
Reiko’s Garden—Brenda Adcock
Colder Than Ice—Helen Macpherson
Running with the Wind—Nell Stark
The Spanish Pearl—Catherine Friend
Come and Get Me—Julie Cannon
Redress of Grievances—Brenda Adcock
Blind Curves—Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall
Love Spell—Karen Williams
Never Wake—Gabrielle Goldsby
House of Clouds—KI Thompson

Protector of the Realm—Gun Brooke
Honor Reclaimed–Radclyffe
Dark Dreamer—Jennifer Fulton
Grave Silence—Rose Beecham
Memory Mambo—Achy Obejas
The Iron Girl—Ellen Hart
Accidental Love—B.L. Miller
The Devil Inside—Ali Vali
Facing Evil—C.L. Hart
The War Between the Hearts—Nann Dunne
Galveston 1900: Swept Away—Linda Crist
Journey to Zelindar—Diana Rivers
Mind Games—Nancy M. Griffis
Murder at Random—Claire McNab
Pipeline—Brenda Adcock
Promising Hearts—Radclyffe

Hurricane Watch—Melissa Good
Code Blue—KatLyn
Unbreakable—Blayne Cooper
Distant Shores, Silent Thunder—Radclyffe
Shaken—KG MacGregor
Hancock Park—Katherine V. Forrest
Hunter’s Way—Gerri Hill
The Walls of Westernfort—Jane Fletcher
Hunter’s Pursuit—Kim Baldwin
The House on Sandstone—KG MacGregor
Deceptions—Lauren Maddison